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Shopping Mall Food Courts Have Hope

Happy Hump Day Foodies! So as many of us know, retail therapy makes us work up quite the appetite. But the problem with this is...the limited options shopping malls offer it's shoppers is terrifying. Beginning with that Asian Chao place, following with Subway's "Eat Fresh" (which is a complete contradiction, as the food is the... Continue Reading →

Mandz Healthy Eats; Episode 1

Good Morning, Foodie People! So as few of you may know, I had an Instagram account by the name of MandzHealthyEats.I used this account to post pictures of all of my healthy meals, but then abandoned it. I'm now bringing back MandzHealthyEats as a series on LivinComidaLoca! This series will be dedicated to all my healthier... Continue Reading →

Sacrifice pays off…EAT!

Happy November People! So my month of October was filled with eating like a gerbil for breakfast and lunch in order to fully indulge at local eats here in Orlando. When I say indulge, I really dove in head first and gave none. This post is dedicated to the places that got all my monies.... Continue Reading →

Balsamic Saucey Churrasco Roll-Ups

So my dad won't admit it, but he's seriously obsessed with everything that I make. He's been stalking me to make my Balsamic Saucey Churrasco Roll-Ups all week, so I finally decided to make them! They're really very easy to make, unless you don't have a mandolin slicer, in which case you'll have to hand slice everything. I... Continue Reading →

One of my favorite couples: Cilantro & Lime

Everyone has their favorite duos; honey-garlic, buffalo-ranch, parmesan-herb, etc. One of my favorite couples are cilantro and lime. The two bold flavors married live happily ever after! Seriously, the combination of the two on almost anything brings happiness to my tastebuds! For dinner the other night, I decided to play around with the two. Here... Continue Reading →

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