Eats in Orlando

Happy Friday People!!! So last Wednesday evening, I came across an Instagram account that was all about sandwiches aka my soulmate (jk babe). The Instagram account is called @DeliFreshThreads. I browsed through the pictures and noticed that he was going to be at a local restaurant where I'm a regular, Toasted!Β (which I've reviewed once before,... Continue Reading →

Vietnamese New Year = Street Food Galore!

I'm back!!!! & here to stay πŸ€— I'm sorry I've neglected my blog for any followers who actually read my posts, but I promise I'll be posting more often from here on out. So recently I joined a whole new little world on Facebook where local foodies post about new places to eat, local foodie... Continue Reading →

The Best of Trader Joe’s

Happy New Year, Foodies! Let's start this new year off on the right foot by saving some money and opening your world to Trader Joe's if you haven't already! TJ's changed my way of grocery shopping back in 2012. I usually opted for the more convenient grocery stores, like Publix or Target. But once I... Continue Reading →

More cheese, PLEASE!

Happy Almost-Christmas Foodies! I know I've been a little missing in action on my blog recently, but fear no more, I'll be back in full force from now on! So while I was gone, I had the privilege (yes, I would consider this a privilege) of hanging with my very talented friend Jomy (click on... Continue Reading →

Josie’s Pizza…SO. MUCH. YUM!

I hope everyone is recovering from stuffing their faces with all of that Thanksgiving deliciousness! I know I'M officially over eating turkey for the rest of the year! Now we prepare ourselves for Christmas and all that comes with it: gifts, food, and more food. So last week, my boss and his family introduced me... Continue Reading →

Shopping Mall Food Courts Have Hope

Happy Hump Day Foodies! So as many of us know, retail therapy makes us work up quite the appetite. But the problem with this is...the limited options shopping malls offer it's shoppers is terrifying. Beginning with that Asian Chao place, following with Subway's "Eat Fresh" (which is a complete contradiction, as the food is the... Continue Reading →

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