Happy Friday People!!!

So last Wednesday evening, I came across an Instagram account that was all about sandwiches aka my soulmate (jk babe). The Instagram account is called @DeliFreshThreads. I browsed through the pictures and noticed that he was going to be at a local restaurant where I’m a regular, Toasted! (which I’ve reviewed once before, check it out if you’re interested in stopping by for the perfect grilled cheese) along with a FREE (yes, FREEEEEE) beer pairing sponsored by the Nona Brew Crew. I decided I’d check it out, so I headed to Toasted Lake Nona after work.

Upon walking in, obviously the first thing I notice is the sign displaying the special sandwich of the week:

 Seriously though, if this doesn’t make your mouth water….

Once I walked in, I was instantly greeted by the sandwich king himself. We chatted it up about my blog, his love for sandwiches, and all of his sandwich escapades. Basically this guy created a website for his clothing brand all because of his love for sandwiches. If that isn’t true love, what even is love? You can check out his clothing here.

After chatting it up about all the great sandwich spots in town, we went to check out the beer pairing…aka THE FREE BEER. 

 After signing in at a booth, I was given a free bottle opener (which I needed desperately), a punch card slip, and a few little stickers.

 The most important thing here though is obviously the punch card. There were three beers that were offered on this punch card. It just so happened to be our lucky day because they had extra beer, so we got more than expected. The beers that were offered were the Killer Whale Cream Ale (pictured below), Duke’s Brown Ale, and Mad Manatee India Pale Ale (IPA). All of these beers are sold at local stores that sell beer (this includes Publix and ABC).

  The Killer Whale Cream Ale was light and refreshing. For people who aren’t really big beer drinkers, I think this beer would be perfect for you. Pictured above is the Duke’s Brown Ale. This has more of a heavy taste, but still obviously lighter than any guinness. I’d compare it to the Newcastle Brown Ale. The vendors of Nona Brew Crew suggested that we mix the Cream Ale and the Brown Ale, and it turns into a sweeter ale. I loved this idea because it lightened the heaviness in the Duke’s Brown. Not pictured is the IPA. I’m not an IPA person, but Mad Manatee’s wasn’t too hoppy, so it was tolerable. Still not my favorite, but I’m sure if you’re into the hops and IPA’s you’d love it.

This night was one of the colder nights in Orlando where it was in the low 40’s (yes, that’s cold for Florida lol), so Toasted was courteous enough to bring out cups of hot creamy tomato soup to warm us up while we got our brew on (FO FREE). If you haven’t tried their tomato soup, I’d definitely suggest dipping your grilled cheese in there for an extra flavor boost!

So 5 beers and 10 frozen fingers later, we made our way inside for the sandwich pairing. Like I said earlier, the special sandwich of the day was the Street Taco grilled cheese. The sandwich originally came with pulled pork, jalapeño jack cheese, and a red onion, cilantro, jalapeño salsa. I don’t eat pulled pork, so I asked for chicken instead, and everything else the same. The concept of this sandwich was really cool because your average grilled cheese tastes nothing like a taco. Toasted doesn’t give you average ANYTHING, so I wasn’t surprised when I took a bite and loved every flavor profile it hit. I even squeezed the lime wedge on for the extra touch (worth it).

Shout out to Deli Fresh Threads!
  I haven’t yet talked about the secret menu item I discovered, but you can create your own cheese fries at Toasted too!!!!!!! You can choose whether or not you want truffle fries, or regular fries. Then you choose your cheese, which can be any cheese they have available in the store. I chose gouda (hint: their periodic table of cheese on the wall shows what cheeses are available). I added bacon for the extra touch because…why not? They’re damn good and I highly suggest you try them!
Overall this event was a cool opportunity to get FREE BEER, network with some local foodies, and indulge at Toasted (again). I should seriously just consider paying rent at Toasted, I’m there at least once a month! If you haven’t been there yet, I seriously am questioning your existence. Just kidding, but really get your asses out there and get yourself a grilled cheese and fall in love all over again!

Til next time fatties,


Livin Comida Loca

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