The Best of Trader Joe’s

Happy New Year, Foodies!

Let’s start this new year off on the right foot by saving some money and opening your world to Trader Joe’s if you haven’t already! TJ’s changed my way of grocery shopping back in 2012. I usually opted for the more convenient grocery stores, like Publix or Target. But once I stepped foot into the Mecca of all grocery stores, I haven’t turned back.

Trader Joe’s is my favorite place to grocery shop because their prices just cannot be beat. They offer products that are organic, vegan, gluten-free, and overall everything is cheaper! Almost everything is branded by Trader Joe’s, which is why their products are cheaper than most grocery stores.

Trader Joe’s has a large variety of items you can choose from. Beginning with beautiful flowers you can decorate your home with, to organic fruits and vegetables, they have most things you’ll need to complete your grocery shopping. They even have samples of some of their finger foods, coffee, tea, and if you’re lucky they give out samples of popcorn while you wait to check out!

During my grocery shopping yesterday, I decided to compile a list of the groceries I thought were worth buying at TJ’s. This doesn’t include ALL the things I love, as some of these things I already had at home.

First of all, their unique grocery bags allow you to recycle and reuse them. They don’t use plastic bags, but brown paper bags imprinted with their logo. unnamed

All of these groceries were only $81.65! As you can see, I literally bought everything from dairy, to produce, and pantry items (besides the meat, I already had some).


One of the newest things I’ve picked up from TJ’s is their BBQ rub and seasoning. I’m intrigued by big flavors, and this seasoning grabbed my attention. I’ve heard wonderful things about it from the TJ employees, so I had to have it. I also picked up some Himalayan pink salt crystals built conveniently with a grinder for seasoning. This salt is the best option to use for cooking. It is the purest form of salt there is! Please get rid of that horrible table salt and replace it with some Himalayan pink salt!


Trader Joe’s has the original buttermilk pancake batter, however this pancake mix can give things a kick! All you have to do is add water, throw in some chocolate chips, and you have yourself some fancy ass pancakes!


I’m just obsessed with peanut butter, so I had to have these granola bars as a treat whenever I’m craving something a little naughty.


The easiest thing to make for anyone (this is truly for college students who are too lazy to ever make themselves dinner) is a box of pasta with a jar of your favorite pasta sauce. Opt for the better version of pasta with this organic brown rice quinoa noodles!


I just love Asian cuisine, so this is necessary to dress up a salad when I’m feeling Asian. Spinach, chicken, shredded carrots, green onions, and a little bit of this dressing? Killer.


Mexican night calls for some of this spicy black bean dip! You can spread this onto a wrap, or serve it in dip form, I’m obsessed with this bean dip!


These chips + that spicy black bean dip = the perfect snack.


Like I’ve said a million times before, Asian cuisine has my heart. This fish sauce is so necessary for your pantry when it comes to cooking up some good Asian dishes! I use this in a homemade pad thai sauce with spaghetti squash. Also it’s way cheaper than Publix’s version!


Last but not least, if you have a furry child, TJ’s offers plenty of treats for them too! The boyfriend picked up this box of assorted flavored treats. Very cheap, and my pup loves them! I usually go for the grain-free treats, but sometimes it’s okay for Blaze to cheat too.


These TJ goodies are not the only great things that they have to offer, so please go explore this grocery store. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Also, if you want to see something posted on my blog, please email me at and let me know! I’m always open for new ideas!

Til next time,


Livin Comida Loca

2 thoughts on “The Best of Trader Joe’s

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  1. Trader Joe’s is a dangerous place for me. lol
    But I can definitely tell you that the BBQ seasoning is delicious! I used it back in October for roasted pumpkin seeds. My sister, who never eats them, loved it!


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