More cheese, PLEASE!

Happy Almost-Christmas Foodies!

I know I’ve been a little missing in action on my blog recently, but fear no more, I’ll be back in full force from now on!

So while I was gone, I had the privilege (yes, I would consider this a privilege) of hanging with my very talented friend Jomy (click on her name to see her awesome blog for fashion, makeup reviews, outfit ideas, or to just to see how cute she is). We both agreed that a catch-up/indulging session was long overdue, so we decided to meet up at a local restaurant here in Orlando, FL called Toasted

Toasted has two locations, one in Winter Park, and their newest location in Lake Nona. I stumbled upon their website on Yelp, so we decided to head over to the Lake Nona location and give it a shot.

Now I know you’re probably thinking “How amazing could a restaurant that revolves around a grilled cheese really be?” Well, let me just begin by saying that Toasted will change your opinion, and FAST!

I know at this point in a post, if vegans/vegetarians/gluten-free foodies are reading and still haven’t seen anything that caters to their needs, they’ll ignore the rest of the post. Alas, Toasted DOES cater to your needs as well. They offer an entire vegan/gluten-free menu!

Upon entering the restaurant, it’s already aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as the walls are a vibrant scarlet color, and there’s a Periodic Table of CHEESE! e613f1ab-ea34-4e61-8f70-731a807f6999

I loved this little feature because it’s nerdy, and a real foodie could really sit there and read the entire wall for a good 10 minutes. Another cute feature the restaurant has is instead of order numbers, they go by the cheese “element”:d0ff67cd-c0ff-4df6-9349-0cc9c02485b2

Now I really couldn’t decide on what to order because when a restaurant has so many tasty options, I get overwhelmed and get a serious case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and think that I’ll miss out on trying something amazing. However, the employees that work at the registers helped me decide by offering ideas on how to add a little zing to the menu items. They also have a few craft beer selections. For any beer enthusiast, this would excite you automatically.e8ed943d-88dc-431c-b014-ac0cbe2fad25

Jomy and I decided we would split our orders in half so we could each try something different without over-indulging. Jomy went with the Southern Comfort (pictured below) which was a burger served on a locally sourced topped with cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, housemade BBQ sauce, and MAC & CHEESE. We decided to go with the Truffle fries which are infused with truffle oil and fresh rosemary. 089c1584-3fdd-4d7a-9b3a-4d2ee0f89158

Most would think this burger is really overwhelming and difficult to eat. It may be because we split our orders, which allowed me to fully indulge in my half of the burger. Everything tasted so fresh! The most important part is that I didn’t feel disgusting after eating here. The food wasn’t really greasy (especially for it being a burger topped with all those fat ingredients (YOLO)).  This does happen quite often though, especially after ordering fatty foods. Who really goes to a restaurant to order a salad that you could EASILY make at home for half the price? Not I.

Which brings me to what I ordered at Toasted. I figured if I came to a place that revolves around a grilled cheese, I’m getting a damn grilled cheese! SO, after 10 minutes of going back and forth with the servers, I ordered the Truffle Melt with a side of Mac & Cheese and had to get a brew to pair.  fa617a7c-504c-4b04-9843-87bcccffd1fa

I went with the Floridian, Funky Buddha. This brew is locally brewed here in Florida. It’s a Hefeweizen, which is usually pretty light, citrusy, and golden. And it has a cool little message on all the bottle caps:14fccc63-8327-4451-83c9-bc308b88ede5

FINALLY, here is the Truffle Melt…


Yes, it looks like your typical grilled cheese, however…let’s take a peak inside of it.4565da46-4193-40d8-bdd8-15e44c960c57113a2288-facb-4b60-b437-011a8d2d9388

Do you SEE that cheese? Do  you see how perfectly that bread is toasted? The Truffle Melt was made up of Havarti cheese, truffle oil, arugula, and fresh ground pepper. As the server suggested, I added applewood smoked bacon. The crust on this sandwich is incredible. If you don’t get the perfect crust, I wouldn’t even label your sandwich a “grilled cheese”. Perfectly TOASTED, perfectly cheesy, perfectly PERFECT!

The Mac & Cheese is made up of Jarlsberg, sharp Cheddar, and Gruyere cheese. That amazing toasted crust they achieve on their sandwiches is also on the Mac & Cheese. It was pretty good, but since it was already on the burger Jomy and I split, I was over eating it LOL.

There are SO many different combinations at Toasted, I know I’ll  be back again to try more. I give Toasted 5 stars. The employees are so friendly and helpful, the atmosphere is cool and clean, awesome tunes playing in the background, and primarily, the FOOD IS AWESOME!  Plus, Jomy and I stayed chatting for over an hour, and their employees didn’t care the least bit. So in conclusion, give Toasted a try if you’re into prime-tasting food!

Til next time Foodie Luvahs!

Livin Comida Loca

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