Dear God, Thank you for tacos. Amen!

What is it about tacos that we all love? Is it the crunchy shell? The way you can get every component of the taco into one bite? The fact that they are the epitome of eye candy when it comes to food?


I love anything and everything that has to do with a taco. So if you want to persuade me to go and dine with you, just mouth the word “taco” at me and I’m there!

My two favorite cuisines thus far are Asian and Mexican cuisine. You can imagine the happiness I felt when I learned that the place we were going to grub at was a place that infused all of your classic Mexican dishes with an Asian twist!

Tako Cheena

I love you so much, Tako Cheena! This little hole-in-the-wall restaurant is in the Milk District near Downtown Orlando, FL. My homies Damien and Sharon told me about this place, and I was immediately down to try their food, especially when I learned that the owners also owned Pom Pom’s Teahouse (which is just miles away from Tako Cheena, in Downtown Orlando.

Tako Cheena has the feeling of a restaurant, with the speed and prices of a food truck. This place also offers vegan/vegetarian options for all you non-meat eaters out there also!


Just by taking a look at the menu, I honestly wanted to order it all. The items listed on the menu are not all that they have either. After ordering, I learned that they had specials written on a board by the registers which included a variety of arepas and a few specialty “takos”. 

After a good 15 minutes, I finally decided to go with three tacos, and split a dessert with the boyfriend.


The first taco I got was the Tom Yum Mojo Shrimp Tako. This taco is infused with latin and asian flavors and is topped with a slaw, scallions, and cilantro. unnamed-12

The flavors in this tako made my mouth and stomach so freaking happy. This was actually my favorite tako. The marinade is what did it for me most. It’s tangy and savory and everything you want in a bite. YUM!

The next tako I chose was the Korean Beef tako which came with mixed cabbage, sesame, cilantro, and a kimchi slaw.


My favorite part about this tako was probably the kimchi. I love the crunch that it gave the tako more than any other component.

The last tako I got was the Thai Peanut Chicken tako. This tako came with mixed cabbage, scallions, and peanuts. unnamed-13

I actually thought this tako would be my favorite, however I really enjoyed the Tom Yum shrimp tako most. This taco lacked a little bit of flavor, so as you guessed, I added hot sauce to it.

Their hot sauces aren’t just your typical sriracha and Chalua sauces.The sauce I went with was the Sweet Chili and Ghost Pepper sauce. It is definitely spicy (thanks to the ghost pepper), but not overwhelming for my taste. It gave the tako the kick it needed!

Sweet Chili and Ghost Pepper hot sauce

 After completely stuffing my face with these takos, my boyfriend insisted on ordering one of the hot dogs they had on the menu, so he went with the Korean hot dog (which is a Chinese sausage). unnamed-6

This hot dog came with kimchi, cabbage, spicy mayo, cilantro and sesame seeds. It wasn’t what I thought it would be and lacked some flavor also. I guess I’ll stick to the tako’s as the name of the restaurant IS TAKO Cheena!

Finally, for the cherry on top of my tastebuds going cray, Jeremy ordered Fried Crispy Churros which came with a caramel dipping sauce.


The churros definitely aren’t pleasing to the eye, but they are so warm, so crunchy, and with the sauce they definitely satisfied the sweet craving we had after eating so much spicy food. I would’ve sprinkled some cinnamon and confectionary sugar on top, but that’s because I’m a little extra sometimes (lol).

Tako Cheena will definitely take my money more than just this one time. I’ll be back to try their arepas soon!

Til next time!



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