How being groovy draws me in…

What’s up foodies!

This post is a little different than the others. I usually am completely absorbed by food alone, but today I want to show you all this place that I didn’t even have to dine at to enjoy.

I’m not one to judge a book my its cover. The restaurant doesn’t have to be luxurious to capture my attention. I actually prefer to dine at low-key diners and dives. So many restaurants are overlooked because of their location, outside appearance, or even small things like the choice of font for their company’s name. Well I always drove by this place labeled as “The Coffee Shop” while on my way to work. I’ve always wondered what was inside and what kind of food they served (if any). Finally, I mentioned it to my boss, and we decided to head over for lunch. He claimed that their sandwiches were amazing, so I had to see for myself.

At first when you walk up to the entrance, you feel a little sketched out because of how small and under-the-radar this place is. Turns out it’s not called “The Coffee Shop”, but instead “Achilles Art Cafe“. Immediately when Iย walked through the door, I was calm, cool, and collective. Despite any drama, work stress, or mood you’re in, everything seems to dissipate at the door step and all is groovy. By groovy, I mean this…..

Front cash wrap
Condiment area accompanied by some art pieces and current events.
Couches and art everywhere!ย 

The mellow tunes, the dimly lit atmosphere, the smiling employees. Everything your heart desires in a place you can go to when everything in the world seems overwhelming (which this day it definitely was). If you continue to walk further into the cafe, you see that they have an awesome beer selection and pastries as well.ย 2677a557-332c-4021-8f99-08f271792a375000109e-84ba-411d-a782-1573fad392e6

I was so distracted just soaking in all the vibes this place offered, I forgot I was there to even eat! I started first by grabbing a brew.

My really good friend Joy introduced me to all different types of beer. I strongly encourage everyone to put their basic Blue Moon’s down and try this Hefeweizen (he-fe-vy-sen).

Here is the menu with the food options, as the website doesn’t have the full list. The other side had coffees, teas, etc.


I chose to go with the tuna sandwich, except I don’t necessarily enjoy canned tuna, so I substituted that for chicken.

Tuna sandwich, sub chicken. Served on ciabatta bread with lettuce, tomato, avocado, pesto, cucumber, cilantro,ย and black pepper.
Don’t underestimate the size of this sandwich. It’s huge!ย 

I enjoyed the components which made up this sammy. Although it was extremely messy to eat (I had to use a fork and knife half way through), it was pretty good!

I have to have something spicy on my food to feel complete, so I asked for sriracha. They were all out, so they were courteous enough to bring out buffalo sauce instead in this adorable serving dish:5b3e9bd7-4b60-4005-a53e-35ca21c4e644

I was also curious when I saw they offered a side of parmesan fries, so I decided to order them as well (sorry not sorry).84a01f7b-51c6-418c-96ff-d8e89883eae1

The fries were nice and crunchy. The main fault was that I could tell they used grated parmesan cheese from the plastic canister. If you’re going to label an item with the star being “parmesan”, I think it’s important that you use fresh REAL parmesan!

Overall, I was pleased with my experience at Achilles. Such an awesome place to go with a small group of friends to wind down, smoke some hookah (which they also offered), crack open a brew, and enjoy each other’s company. I’ll definitely be back soon!

That’s all for now…


Livin Comida Loca



P.S. For all you lost souls who can’t think of anything to make for your Thanksgiving dishes, I’ll be posting some of my favorite ideas tomorrow! Stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚

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