Shopping Mall Food Courts Have Hope

Happy Hump Day Foodies!

So as many of us know, retail therapy makes us work up quite the appetite. But the problem with this is…the limited options shopping malls offer it’s shoppers is terrifying. Beginning with that Asian Chao place, following with Subway’s “Eat Fresh” (which is a complete contradiction, as the food is the opposite of “fresh”), and ending with the even scarier… Taco Bell. I know many people are completely satisfied with these options, however I just can’t find myself ever eating at these chain “restaurants”. Here in Orlando where tourists are overly obsessed with spending all of their money on clothes and accessories that may be cheaper than home, we have a plethora of locations to shop at. I however, could care less about shopping for clothes. In true “foodie” fashion, I’d rather shop for food.

As of recently, our local malls seem to have revamped their dining options. I’ve heard numerous things about Meson Sandwiches in the Florida Mall, which is  Puerto Rican sandwich shop that my sister rants about often. At Millenia Mall, I had the pleasure of trying Maoz Vegetarian which serves fast and fresh falafel and veggie options. I even found this coupon on their site for 10% off of $5.00 or more on Monday’s! Maoz_Menu_Board

I went with a salad with falafel balls, which came on a bed of romaine lettuce (or you can choose spinach or mixed kale). I topped the salad with avocado, cucumbers in a yogurt dill sauce, beets, tabouli, tomatoes, and topped on a variety of different sauces. unnamed

I also had to try their mixed Belgian and sweet potato fries…oopsunnamed-3

The sauces that they offer are a yogurt sauce (like tzatziki), tahini sauce, garlic sauce, green chili hot sauce, red chili sauce (salsa), cilantro sauce, and tomato and onion sauce. I topped my salad with the cilantro, green chili hot, and red chili sauces. I’m basically a sauce queen, so I had to go back and grab more.unnamed-1The sauces pictured above are the yogurt sauce (bottom), green chili hot sauce (green), and garlic sauce (white). I didn’t really like the yogurt sauce. I expected it to taste like tzatziki, but it was a bit bland. My favorite were of course the garlic and hot sauce.

All in all, this place is a little pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for (especially in a food court). I paid $14.80 for everything ($8.95 for the salad (holy cheap) and $3.95 for the fries). Maoz is definitely something that you need to try if you find yourself at Millenia!

I’ll be trying all the other new additions some other time, so ta ta for now…


Livin Comida Loca

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