Sacrifice pays off…EAT!

Happy November People!

So my month of October was filled with eating like a gerbil for breakfast and lunch in order to fully indulge at local eats here in Orlando. When I say indulge, I really dove in head first and gave none. This post is dedicated to the places that got all my monies.

One person who enjoys food just as much as I do: my little friend unnamed-14

I always see people eating alone at restaurants, but I just can’t seem to find myself doing this. Christy however, can enjoy her food anytime, anywhere. This is why I choose Christy to drag along to eat anywhere and everywhere I can when visiting Tallahassee.

On my way to Fort Walton Beach, FL this weekend, I stopped in Tallahassee for a night so I wouldn’t have to endure the painful 6-hour drive in one shot. One of my absolute favorite places to eat in Tallahassee is Sweet Pea Cafe. Sweet Pea Cafe is a locally owned vegan restaurant. If you’re a true foodie like myself, you’re open to trying new things. I highly recommend trying this place. Even if you’re not into vegan dishes, there is bound to be something that you can enjoy at Sweet Pea. Plus, they serve beer! Sweet Pea’s Facebook Page

The guy working the register suggested that I try the daily special. The middle picture shows what I ordered; A wrap filled with local mizuna (local greens) and arugula greens, baked tofu, sautéed local turnip greens, onions and peppers, carrots, hummus and a spicy tahini sauce made with local hot peppers. It comes with a side, so I chose the hand-cut sweet potatoes. I also got their green tea sugar cookie. The tofu in the wrap was in really large pieces, so it would’ve been better if everything were chopped. The fries…ON POINT. I love their cookies also! Try this place, seriously!

Once I got to Fort Walton Beach, I needed a drink to wind down after the miserable drive into the Boondocks. Don’t get me wrong, this city is small and cute, and their Emerald Coast beaches are some of the best in the country! My friend Christine accompanied me on my “It’s 5:00 somewhere” barhopping. We stopped at a place called Burrito Del Sol. This place was cute and similar to Tijuana Flats. Their food was 100 times better though!unnamed-3May look simple and basic, but the flavors were there. You choose your style of tortilla (burrito, quesadilla, tacos, nachos, or a taco salad). I was already buzzin’ so I went for the fat girl necessities: Southwest Chicken Quesadilla and a side of queso.

They have a handmade hot sauce which I have no idea what it was made of but it added the heat that I needed to my food. Don’t sleep on Burrito Del Sol!

The next day was a Florida State Football Gameday, which obviously means to dig out your garnet and gold attire, get to a TV (or if you’re lucky, to the game), and get to drinking! My boyfriend, his fellow Air Force co-worker, and I decided to go to Harry T’s. This place is right on the pier so you have the view, the food, and the beer! Harry T’s is also home of the Seminole Student Booster and Alumi Association of the Emerald Coast, so in a place where there are more Gator and Bama fans (BOO), this is where you’ll find home if you’re a Seminole!


Took this picture from their website. It’s seriously a cool spot to try if you find yourself in the Emerald Coast!

 My boyfriend has already been to Harry T’s, so I let him choose the eats this day. Both pictures included above are all one entree. To the left we have the side items; loaded mashed potatoes and onion rings. These were pretty damn good, but I would’ve liked a garlic taste to the potatoes. To the left: HEAVEN SENT CRAB STUFFED BACON WRAPPED GULF SHRIMP! Yes, CRAB. BACON. WRAPPED. These came with a side of an aioli. Jesus himself must’ve spoken to the chef when carefully creating these sexy little shrimp babies. I could only eat two because they’re MASSIVE. Try them. Dassit

My last destination was a quick bite before driving back to Orlando: Pepper’s


Oh my below mediocre. I seriously love Mexican cuisine, but what an embarrassment to claim yourself as a Mexican restaurant. I understand that this may not be considered “authentic”, but the least you can do is pride yourself on your go-to Mexican side dishes (rice and refried beans). Hell, the rice had no flavor, and the beans were just scary. I don’t even know what cheese was used in my steak quesadilla. This makes me sad. This is a suggestion to all “Mexican” restaurants, DO BETTER!

The next place I visited earlier in October is a place that’s highly talked about my many…Shake Shack! Although it didn’t live up to the hype I expected, it’s definitely worth talking about.Bae is bae and decided to treat his younger brother Noah for his birthday. Noah chose Shake Shack. We all decided to go with the SmokeShack Burger, I went with a peanut butter chocolate shake (split this because it’s so sick it’ll leave you in a coma), and a side of bacon cheese fries.  

As for the burger, I wouldn’t recommend this one in particular. The chopped cherry peppers that are on this burger give it the right kick, but the wrong flavor profile. They’re sour peppers, and the bitterness completely took over my palette.


The crinkle-cut french fries: FIRE! Point blank


This french fry eating tool however, so unbelievably stupid. This P.O.S is supposed to allow you to pick up a fry and eat it. Not sturdy and just annoyingly stupid lol. I felt strongly about it clearly.

Now that I’ve eaten the world for the month, I’ll be detoxing and eating clean af in preparation of Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for some dank side dishes to contribute to your feast.

Until then,


Livin Comida Loca

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