Slate SLAYED the game…

Here’s review #2 for all you food connoisseurs out there! This one is for a restaurant located on Restaurant Row in Dr. Phillips (Orlando, FL):

Slate Restaurant:

This is one of the cutest restaurant set-ups on Restaurant Row! The kitchen is wide open to view if you’re sitting at the bar, and because Orlando has so graciously decided to tone it down on the humidity just a little, Slate decided to open up the doors so everyone could feel the breeze. This dinner was for the girl I mentioned in the previous post; Crafted . There were 8 in our party, and the server didn’t allow himself to get weeded because of the party size, so our service was still on point. I was still full from lunch, so I only ordered a cocktail and an entree.


This is probably a seasonal cocktail because it’s not on their menu online, but it’s called the Ole Pumpking. This drink has ginger beer (which I’m currently obsessed with), pistachio syrup, Moonshine, and spice shavings. So refreshing, not too sweet, and not weak because I HATE ordering a drink and not getting any alcohol in it.


This is a side of the Rockerfeller Mac and Cheese. My tastebuds were dancing their tails off thanks to the flavorful cheesy goodness in that skillet. The noodles seem as though they’re spinach, cheddar cheese, bacon, and topped with oyster crackers. Any Mac and Cheese connoisseur would agree that it needs all components to be considered A1; creamy stretchy cheesiness, crunchiness, and BACON! So damn good, if you’re really hungry order the larger portion for $15 (we split the smaller version for $9 and wish we had more). Slayed the mac and cheese game!!


The entree I chose was called the Flat Iron Steak which was accompanied by marble potatoes and green beans. Paula Dean must’ve been in that kitchen because as you can see in the picture on the left, there was so. much. butter!!! I wasn’t so happy with the amount of melted butter on my plate. Also my biggest disappointment: under-seasoned potatoes! I think this is such an amateur mistake to make. People on Chopped get sent home for things like that, and I definitely would’ve chopped the chef for this crime. The green beans were perfectly crunchy and I loved the touch of purple potatoes. My friend Julie is very weird and refused to eat the potatoes because they were purple, so if you’ve never had them before, they’re perfectly safe to eat. They don’t taste any different than regular potatoes HA HA. My steak was perfectly medium rare, seasoned well, and so very juicy! They also served the entree on a really cool platter that seems like a cutting board. Edgy!

I didn’t order dessert because nothing really caught my eye, but they do have a few dessert options, as well as ice creams and sorbet! Give Slate a shot, don’t forget the Mac and Cheese, and I’m sure you won’t regret it!

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