So my best friend just relocated to Dallas, TX (shout out Tink, we already miss you), so I ended up dining out for lunch AND dinner #fatgirllife. I’ll be blogging about dinner next, but for now, here is lunch!

For lunch, we chose to dine at Crafted Block and Brew                 The weather outside was perfect, so we chose outside seating. We started with this appetizer:  o-4

This dip is a blend of three cheeses: goat cheese, cream cheese, and Boursin cheese. The red sauce was a tomato jam which was featured in my entree also, and served with Lavish Chips. I’ve never heard of Lavish Chips, but they paired well with the cheese dip. This dip…OH. MY. GOD…we scraped the entire dish clean! The texture was very rich and creamy, but not a weird consistency. God himself blessed the hands that so graciously prepared this dip. My mouth is currently watering as I think about it, so yes, please go to Crafted and try this dip…it’s THAT serious! I would’ve ordered another one but I knew I had an entree coming so I held back.


I was really craving a burger, so I went with the Farmer Burger. This burger came with a fried egg on top, the tomato jam I mentioned in the appetizer, bourbon bacon, Tillamook smoked cheddar cheese (say what?), and a side of sweet potato fries. I wasn’t a really big fan of the burger. I asked for it medium rare and it was more medium well. The burger as a whole was sooo salty and greasy; bad combo in my book. The tomato jam did not really do anything special to the burger, and the bun became so soggy I just gave up on it. The sweet potato fries however were BOMB.COM. They have this sauce that is comparable to heaven called Green Goddess. It was good on the burger, good on the fries, I might even be able to eat it with a spoon it was that tasty. It’s a white sauce that has a garlic base.


Here’s the dessert we chose: Ancho Brownie (insert sad face here)

It consisted of a spicy Ghiradelli brownie, salted caramel ice cream, ancho candied bacon, and candied walnuts. The ancho flavor took over the entire dessert in my opinion, and the salted caramel ice cream was salty on another level. I enjoy salted caramel ice cream, but because of the saltiness I don’t think it should’ve been paired with spice, especially for a dessert. I was searching for sweetness only to find the salt on 100. I wouldn’t recommend it if you want an actual dessert!

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  1. I wasn’t mad at the Ancho Brownie, but I agree, the cheese dip is the business, and the burger is a hot greasy mess. I can’t wait to hear about Slate!


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