What even is a Livin Comida Loca?


Hello everyone!!

     Before I get started flooding my blog with pictures of erotic food porn, I figure I should let you know a little bit about the girl behind this visual tastebudgasm.

     My name is Amanda (BEST known as Mandy), and I am a lover of all things food. When I started this blog, I tried to think of a name that would ring a bell in my reader’s minds. Everyone on earth has heard Ricky Martin’s Livin La Vida Loca. Everyone loves comida (or food if you don’t speak Spanish). Livin COMIDA Loca was born.

     My passion for food came about when my mother got sick of cooking dinner every night and asked me to learn how to make rice by watching her (as in a Puerto Rican home, rice is essential in every meal). I was only 11 years old when I successfully made my first ever pot of rice, which I now despise making!

     In high school,  after coming home from class, the only interesting show on TV was Ina Garten’s “The Barefoot Contessa.” After watching episode after episode each day, I figured I should get my ass off the couch and give this cooking thing a shot. I can still remember my first ever Food Network dish come to life: Pesto alla Genovese by my boy Emeril Lagasse (which is fire, and I’ll be posting the recipe sometime very soon). My first attempt at the dish was so successful, my family still harasses me to make it! I began to watch literally every single show on The Food Network and mimic every chef’s recipes; this when I realized I was in love with food.

     The love that I have for food is not some basic obsession comparable to millennials’ infatuation with pizza. I too am a millennial, however what I notice is that many people will only seek out things to eat so that they can post a picture online about it. My passion lies within the meaning behind culture, and how food is a universal language. Since I love trying new dishes from different countries, I despise coming across people with immature, close minded palates—so chances are, if you are open to try all types of food, I’ll instantly love you.

     On my blog I’ll be posting many different things. These will mostly range from restaurants I visit to the recipe’s I love—which will consist of both healthy and unhealthy meals—because let’s be real, if you don’t cheat, you’re not human! Lastly, if I get bored, I’ll also post some random fun things that I do!

     Ultimately, my dream is to travel the world with people I love and learn about all of the different flavors the world has to offer. In the mean time, follow me on my journey eating my way through the city of Orlando (and hopefully other cities if I don’t become broke from dining out so much).


Livin’ Comida Loca



7 thoughts on “What even is a Livin Comida Loca?

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  1. Omg Mandy! This blog is awesome!! Feel free to experiment and create in my kitchen whenever your heart/palate desires!!! Good luck in your adventures around the globe❤️👍🏼


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